Bar Mitzvah of David Etra



David Etra lives on the Upper West Side with his Mom, Dad, older brother Daniel, and dog Cam. He attends Quad Prep, where he is killing it in Math and Science, and loves to play the drums.  He spends his summers chillin at Camp Zeke.  He is a huge sports fan and the Mets and Rangers hold a special place in his heart. Some of his happiest moments have been going to Mets, Rangers, and Knicks games with his Grandma Judy and Saba Jerry, who passed away in 2019. He plays ball in the Spring and Fall. He is an avid skier and next Winter he will train to be a junior instructor. David’s Dad Stan serves on the Ansche Chesed and Schechter Manhattan Boards. His Mom Tali is a class parent and is part of the Bar Mitzvah Cohort team.