As more people are returning to synagogue in person, let’s take this opportunity to reinforce our Covid policies:

Vaccines: All who have been fully vaccinated are encouraged to attend in person. If you have not been vaccinated, please connect to our services electronically. We trust your honesty and will not verify vaccine status.

Now that children aged 5 and up are eligible, these rules will apply to them in stages. By December 1, kids should have one shot to attend in person. By January 1, kids should be fully vaccinated to attend.

Masks: Please remain masked while in the synagogue building. Those taking leadership roles during services can remove their masks at those times. In cases where we meet for indoor kiddush, please remove your masks only while eating and then once again cover your mouth and nose.

Ventilation: We keep the windows open in our prayer spaces to maximize air exchange. Winter is coming, so sometimes the room will be cold. Please bring coats and remain patient.