In this time of Corona, Ansche Chesed has moved much of our programming to the Zoom platform.

This page has links to all of our programming so that you can find it easily. Please note that this page was last updated on Wednesday, July 8 at 11:47am.

If there are programs that you do not see listed, please eMail and someone will try to help you find the right program link,

Recordings of select past programs can be viewed here

Recurring Programming

Monday at 3pm: Monday Meditation

Monday Evenings in July at 8pm (See schedule) : Summer Stories

Wednesday at 3pm: Jewish Food for Thought: Love and Fear In Three Parts with Rabbi Edelstein

Thursday at 5:30pm: To Schmooze or not to Schmooze: The Un-Distancing Hour

Friday at 9:30am: Not Shabbat Morning Study (Lay Led)

Program Opportunities

Wednesday, June 22 at 8pm: Grieving and Loving: Jewish Peoplehood Approaching Tisha B’Av

Tuesday, June 28 at 3pm: The Eclipse of God: Struggling with Faith in the Face of Evil with Rabbi Bill Plevan

Religious Services/Shabbat

The Rabbinical Assembly has made digital copies of our prayerbooks available for use during the CoronaVirus. Please download a personal copy here.

For information on how to set your computer so that it will not sleep during Shabbat/Holidays and the Screen Saver does not turn off, please visit this instruction page

Click here to view Dvrei Torah by our clergy

Weekdays at 7:30am: Weekday Morning Minyan

Fridays at 9:30am Next Session, July 10: Mishpacha Service

Fridays at 6:30pm: Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday at 9:45am: Shabbat Morning Services

Sunday at 8:30am: Sunday Morning Minyan

Wednesday, July 29th at 8pm: Tisha B’Av Services

AC Hebrew School/Family Programming

Friday at 9:30am Next Sesion July 10: Mishpacha Service

Special Resources

The Ansche Chesed Skills Directory

Ask For Help, or Offer to Help through the ACKavod2020 program

Financial Assistance Through the Hebrew Free Loan Society