Israel’s Cultural Kaleidoscope


Join Ansche Chesed to experience the vibrant face of Israeli culture today and tomorrow. During our week-long visit, we will meet many of Israel’s leading artists in film, dance, visual arts and literature, opening our eyes and ears to Israel’s thrilling 21st century cultural ferment.

We will meet with Jewish and Arab citizens, religious and secular, all artists who stand at the forefront of their national and international fields, whose art explores politics, society and aesthetics. Visiting their studios and at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, the Tel Aviv Cinemateque and other cultural sites in Israel will be a new experience, even if you’ve been to Israel many times.

We will be based in the “White City,” the beautiful Tel Aviv, and we also will spend a night at a luxurious art hotel in Zichron Yaacov, Israel’s “Napa.” Don’t worry – you’ll eat and drink well, including visits to Israeli wineries with new Tel Avivian and former AC president Martin Sinkoff, who is in the wine business. Rabbi Kalmanofsky will be traveling with us, and the trip will include a Shabbat with spirituality and Jewish learning that are also part of Israel’s cultural life.

Longtime AC member Marge Goldwater is organizing this trip, and making great use of her extensive relationships across Israel’s cultural networks. Marge directed the Schusterman Visiting Israeli Artist Program at the Israel Institute, for a decade. In that role, she brought more than 100 important Israeli artists for months-long residencies in communities across America.

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