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Purim Shpiel / Talent Show

Wed, March 16, 2022 at 9:00 pm

Join us after our 7:30pm Megillah reading at AnscheChesed.org/MMZoom for a special Purim Shpiel / Talent Show hosted by Minyan M’at! See below for more info, and if you’d like to perform a talent or comedic routine.

  1. Folks are invited, encouraged and cajoled to tell jokes.
  2. Also welcome – Folks with a song to sing, a comedy routine to dust off, a limerick or an interpretive dance with which to regale us are also asked to be part of the mix.
  3. THAT SAID…. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR ROUTINE, WHATEVER ITS STRIPE, TO NO MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES. Oh, did we really put that in all caps? We must mean it.
  4. Ellen Braitman will be hosting (technically and putting the lineup together) and promises to put her virtual cane away so no one will be yanked off the stage.
  5. If you want to perform, email to just, we mean just, ebraitman@yahoo.com, to be added to the lineup.


My Most Loyal Jewish Subjects,

My dear wife Esther informs me that your Holy Congregation has no formal plans for a Purim shpiel this year.

Egads – say it ‘ain’t so, Joe!

She also tells me that since the temporary departure of your beloved leader Jeremy, you have fallen into a cold bath of despair and ennui (which I only learned later is not a special dessert from the south of France).

Chevre – the news has so displeased my saintly Esther that she has taken to her bed, stares at the ceiling and dreams of leading your people out of the land of sorrow and into the land mirth.

I therefore implore — how should I say this? — my expressive and highly communicative Jewish subjects, to sign up NOW for a Zoom Purim shpiel which is being hosted by your-very-own Minyan M’at.

You are encouraged to tell a joke (adult jokes encouraged!), sing a song, recite a poem, juggle hamentashen or whatever your silly and creative brain can conjure. Festivities will start at 9:00 p.m. right after the Megillah reading, and are being hosted by Queen Esther’s childhood friend Ellen Braitman, who has more than a few stories to tell abut Esther’s shenanigans in Hebrew School. Email her at: ebraitman@yahoo.com.

If you are a singer and you want piano accompaniment, email her husband David at dshapiro@shapirojuris.com and arrangements shall be made.

Please – oh most loyal and fervent subjects! – now is not the time for stiff-neckedness. Get your creative ridiculous on, and join the shpiel!


Wed, March 16, 2022
9:00 pm
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