Shavuot 5784 / 2024

Shavuot Schedule

Erev Shavuot:
Tuesday, June 11
Shavuot Day 1:
Wednesday, June 12
Shavuot Day 2:
Thursday, June 13
Shavuot Family Pajama Party — 5:30-7pm at ACSanctuary Services — 9:45am In-Person, Livestream, or on Zoom
Includes “First Fruits” Aliyah
Early Service Option with Yizkor — 7am in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel
West Side Minyan Tikkun Leil Shavuot — 7pm on ZoomMinyan M’at Services — 10am in 5 NorthSanctuary Services — 9:45am In-Person, Livestream, or on Zoom
Includes Yizkor
Shavuot Tikkun Under the Stars — 8-9:30pm on the RoofTeleTefila Services — 9:40am P’sukei D’zimra, 10am Shacharit on Zoom
Includes Yizkor
Minyan M’at Services — 10am in 5 North
Mishpacha Service (Ages 0-4, with Parents) — 11am in 2 NorthConversation with Tammy Gotlieb — After Services in the Multi-Purpose Room
Yigdal Service (Ages 5-7, with Parents) — 11am in 2 SouthFamily Meetup at Hippo Playground — 3:30-5:30pm in Central Park around W. 91st St.
Community-Wide Shavuot Potluck Lunch Celebrating Vivian Awner — After Services in Hirsch Hall


Community-Wide Shavuot Potluck Lunch Celebrating Vivian Awner

Wednesday, June 12, ~12:30pm in Hirsch Hall


After services, the Ansche Chesed community will join together for a potluck lunch to celebrate our wonderful friend Vivian Awner. Please wear turquoise (her favorite color) in her honor.

Salmon will be provided. Please bring a dairy or pareve salad, side dish or dessert to share. Food may be purchased under rabbinic supervision, cooked in a kosher kitchen or prepared uncooked in any kitchen.

Shavuot Tikkun Under the Stars

Tuesday, June 11, 8-9:30pm on the Roof (Rain Location: 5 North)


Please join us to greet Shavuot with study, celebration, cheesecake, ritual Kiddush and light nosh on the Ansche Chesed roof, as the holiday of “Giving and Receiving Torah” begins. The Tikkun will be taught by Marcelle Hohl, Judy Katz, and Rabbi Kalmanofsky.

Since the fall holiday of Shmini Atzeret, this year has seen so much suffering and loss. As we conclude the spring holidays, let’s ease some of our pain by studying the theme of shalom, peace. In the words of Rashi (on Leviticus 26.6, quoting the ancient midrash Sifra): “Peace is worth everything else put together.” We need it now more than ever.

After the learning we will davven the festival maariv service and end in time to enable those who wish to attend the JCC Tikkun as well.

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Conversation with Tammy Gotlieb

Thursday, June 13 After Services in the Multi-Purpose Room


On the second Day of Shavuot, Ansche Chesed is very fortunate to welcome Tammy Gotlieb, who will davven with us in the Sanctuary and speak after services in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please take Kiddush from Hirsch Hall and join us for the conversation.

Tammy Gotlieb is a long-time path-breaker in building liberal and feminist Judaism in Israel, from her days as a combat soldier when few women took that role. Tammy is the Director of New Initiatives for our Masorti movement in Israel and represents the Masorti movement on the World Zionist Organization Executive Council. She has also been active for many years in Women of the Wall, and now serves as its Vice-Chair.

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First Fruits Aliyah

First Day of Shavuot: Wednesday, June 12, around 10:30am


Every year on Shavuot — the holiday in which ancient Israelites brought bikkurim, the first fruits of their harvests, to the Temple in Jerusalem — AC invites parents of newborns to bring their babies for a celebratory group aliyah. You can come for the whole service, or just slip in for the aliyah around 10:30am. Email Rabbi Yael if you plan to participate or have any questions.

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Teen Picnic and Games in the Park

Wednesday, July 12, 3:30-5:30 in Central Park


AC Teens, spend the afternoon in the park! We’ll bring the snacks and spike ball, you bring the sports equipment and your friends. We’ll hang out on the lawn to the left of the entrance at 100th street and Central Park West. RSVPs to Aliza requested, walk-ins welcome.

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Family Meetup at Hippo Playground

Thursday, July 13, 3:30-5:30 in Riverside Park


Families: hang out with your AC friends at the Hippo Playground (in Riverside Park around W. 91st Street)! Feel free to bring kosher snacks to share. Email Family Programs Director Aliza Sebert if you want to join; walk-ins welcome.

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