Bnai Mitzvah of Anina and Ziv Gedzelman


Anina Chaya Gedzelman is a born and bred New Yorker, a Manhattanite through and through. Like her twin brother Ziv and her older sister Nomi, she has been a member of Ansche Chesed her entire life. Her parents, Judith Turner and Rabbi David Gedzelman, have been members of Minyan M’at and the shul since 1994 and 1995, respectively. They are also among the founders of the Harlem Minyan. They first met at AC in 1995. Anina’s baby naming was in the sanctuary. She enthusiastically attends the Heschel middle school. She spent her earlier years at Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School. She spends her summers at Young Judaea Sprout Lake camp and before that went to Camp Ramah in Nyack. She is an avid athlete playing interschool volleyball and basketball but her special passion is football. She’s a voracious reader. She excels at speaking and understanding Modern Hebrew. She is deeply concerned about homelessness and has designated the Coalition for the Homeless as the Tzedakkah she will be supporting. She lives with her family in Harlem.

Ziv Betzalel Gedzelman, like his twin sister, is a lifetime New Yorker and has lived most of his life in Harlem. Ziv’s mother, Judith Turner worked at Ansche Chesed as the director of Programming for seven years in the mid to late 90’s. Ziv’s bris was in the Sanctuary. After attending Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School for 5 years Ziv began as a 5th grader at the Heschel school and is now an avid Heschel middle schooler. Ziv goes to camp at Young Judaea Sprout Lake and previously attended Ramah Nyack where he spent 5 summers in the Shaar program, a full time Hebrew immersion experience. Ziv loves learning about business and finance and is always coming up with entrepreneurial ideas. Ziv is disturbed by what he’s learned about worldwide human trafficking and has designated Freedom Network USA as the Tzedakkah he will be supporting. Ziv loves to ski and looks forward to returning to the slopes after taking time out to get ready for his Bar Mitzvah. Ziv is proud to call Harlem his home.