Bat Mitzvah of Yaffa Medjuck-Bruckner

Yaffa Medjuck-Bruckner is a rising 7th grader at Beit Rabban Day School, a Yaldaynu Preschool alum, and a lifelong member of Ansche Chesed. Yaffa loves playing soccer (especially as goalkeeper) with the West Side Soccer League, and also basketball and Ultimate Frisbee at school. Yaffa is an avid reader and loves Harry Potter. She spends her summers at Eden Village Camp and at her Bobi’s cottage by the beach in Shediac, Canada. She is also a talented make-up artist and her family’s resident fashion consultant. Along with siblings Noam, Ayelet  and Sivan, and parents Bena & Gustavo, Yaffa has been looking forward to becoming a Bat Mitzvah ever since she learned to leyn Torah in second grade. Mazal Tov, Yaffa!